“don't leave Paris before taking a guided tour with itour”
Brittany Wenger
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“tony is an amazing guide. highly recommended.”
John Bloss
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“I learned things about Paris that I didn't know before”
Melanie Merritt
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Running D&I projects

NICE upcoming

“NICE (Neutral and Inclusive Communication in Corporate Environments)! This program is a collaborative action between Diversity Charters from Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Lithuania, and Romania and is co-funded by The Citizens, Equality, Rights and Value programme (CERV) of the European Union. Goal: It’s all about improving diversity management strategies by incorporating inclusive and neutral communication policies. This helps tackle diversity intolerance and discrimination in the workplace – which is something we’re all passionate about."
“DiversEurope is an international attempt to foster diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Initiated by Diversity Charters in Greece, Cyprus, Lithuania, and Ireland, the project DIVERSEurope helps employers ensure equal opportunities for all."
“it was my first time in Paris. what a special moment and memories with my little one”
Karen Simons

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