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Diversity Charters across Europe encourage organisations (non-governmental organisations (NGOs), public bodies, local authorities, private companies and associations) to develop and implement diversity and inclusion policies at the workplace. By signing a charter, the organisation voluntarily commits to promote diversity and equal opportunities regardless of age disability, gender, race or ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation. Becoming a signatory to a Diversity Charter provides access to a vast peer network, trainings, publications and supporting tools for benchmarking, measuring and monitoring.

Diversity Charter Principles

The first step to joining the Diversity Charter Cyprus is to agree in principle with the main pillars of the Diversity Charter Cyprus, and commit to pursue their implementation at the workplace.

The basic principles of the Diversity Charter Cyprus are:

  • Respect the principles of the Diversity Charter Cyprus, to strive to create a workplace that reflects the diversity of society and to help each employee feel dignified, valued and respected.
  • Recognize and invest in each employee’s differences and talents, focusing on human resource management based on each individual’s knowledge, skills and competencies.
  • Promote mutual trust, equal treatment and non-discrimination, among the signing organisations and their employees and support an inclusive workplace, free of bias.
  • Develop policies, strategies and practices based on the acceptance of diversity and inclusion and apply a multifaceted approach towards every aspect of the organisation’s operations, management processes and culture in general.
  • Disclose its commitment to the Diversity Charter Cyprus and the achievements of its diversity policy both internally and externally.

Our Vision

At Diversity Charter Cyprus, we have a realistic – yet demanding – vision for the future of workplaces in Cyprus.

We aim to:

Develop further effective and strategic tools to create awareness and spread information on the importance of the charter and the diversity and inclusion in the Cypriot workplace.

Create a pancyprian ever expanding and continuously evolving dynamic network model of businesses and organisations

Promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace, ensuring equal opportunities for all employees by fostering diversity thinking and implementation of inclusive practices.

Develop and promote specific, strategic knowledge and skills on the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on diversity and inclusion in the Cypriot workplace.

Make Diversity Charter a must for all businesses and organiiations which describe themselves as diverse, modern and innovative!

Create a dynamic local and European network to share best practices and promote synergies.

Offer valuable tools to combat discrimination and encourage entities in Cyprus to develop and implement diverse and inclusive policies.

Europeean Diversity Month:

Diversity Charter Cyprus strives to continuously promote Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace and promote awareness through various actions.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our team produced a video during the European Diversity Month 2021, formally introducing the Diversity Charter Cyprus to the public and the value of joining the EU-wide network of diversity charters’ signatories! You can watch our video here.

In 2022, we teamed with Diversity & Inclusion experts, representing our valued signatories and expressed our shared understanding and vision about the importance of the Diversity Charter in accelerating and consolidating ongoing efforts for more inclusive, diverse and equal worksplaces. Click here, to see what we’ve prepared.

In the same year, we hosted a 2-day Diversity & Social Inclusion Fair, which aimed to create a space for multicultural awareness and exchange, and make migrants and refugees’ experiences, cultures and talents heard and visible in our local community.Through our fair performances, talks, booths, workshops and tour we succeeded in bridging the gap between different cultures and find common ways to connect and learn from each other and contribute towards equality and community cohesion. Check out some beautiful moments of the fair by clicking here.

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